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Jensen Healey Technical Topics

Here's a brief selection of tech related articles. The vast tome of Jensen Healey technical articles and nifty stuff resides in the JHPS club archive in the Club Garage on this web site. This includes the complete Club Editors 907 engine rebuild series, 4-speed transmission overhaul and much more. The Club Garage is a password protected area that all current JHPS members can access.

Greg Fletcher's favorite 907 Engine Modifications

An economical alternative for repairing your Jensen Healey dashboard.

Performance 104 camshafts for the Jensen Healey

Read about how to use Plastigauge in checking bearing clearance.

Can't pass the California Smog Check II inspection? Click here

Read the latest Tech Story

For a sample of technical articles, take a look at the Sample Archive

Find out about places to get Jensen Healey parts

Find a few places to get your Jensen Healey repaired

See a small selection of hard to get J-H stuff at The Club Store



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