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Routing The Crankcase Breather
With After-Market Air Filters

by Lowell Westmoreland

3 pictures of how I routed the crankcase breather after installing K&N air filters. bottom photo shows hoses out the back of each filter, the other two show use of the original hose from the block with a few left over Aeroquip fittings, the small hose coming into the top of the T is from the valve cover. There’s also a front view. Still to come is a one-way valve so gas can not drain into the crankcase. Thats a big problem with the original set-up, in fact when I bought the 74 last summer It hadn’t been run for years, when trying to crank it I found one carb sticking and gas flowing into the aircleaner and down into the block. This set up seems to work well.

Click on a photo for a larger image.





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