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Mark Osborne’s 74 Jensen Healey in the Sonoma Valley-

Hello Greg, how was the Chardonnay? Here's a photo of VIN 19488. Bought it in November of last year. 15” Panasports from Delta Motorsports. 205x50x15 Bridgestone S-03 Pole Positions…Tires were $90.00 at Tire Rack. Love them by the way.

The three pack of Jensen Healeys were truly more than I could handle. Sad really, as they are just giving in to entropy. Richard Calver said one of them may be a rare factory blue car. Of course, that was the one with the fiberglass floorboards, and the interior by grenade… All three had not run in at least three years, one with a motor out of another car…
The guy had a passel of Austin Healey, Alfas and a Maserati Mexico. Most in pieces, most will never run again.

Ahhh the possibilities...

Mark Osborne,
Sabastopol, California

The Chardonnay was well received, Mark. Not included in our wine revue since I can’t find additional stock near where I live, but I can tell you this was one fine wine! One of the better Chardonnays to be sure, so highly recommended. See




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